What your team can get from me

You have great people, and you know they could be an amazing team. Delivering on business need, inspired, a real competitive advantage. Not held-back by long repetitive process, problems they have to solve over and over again.

Most of these problems are systemic. Your people are great, the way their tools and process are organised hold them back. I want to give your team the tools to change their process and become a great learning system made of learning parts.

I can bring years of experience helping and building teams, particularly on the Elixir world.

Bringing Thomas onboard was one of the best decisions I made as a CTO of SafeBoda. I admire Thomas' passion and dedication.

Kirk Agbenyegah

/ CTO, SafeBoda

Help in your DevOps journey

I have gone through that journey multiple times and built teams that deliver tremendous business value. I can inspire your team with lessons from teams that succeeded at this transformation and i can also help with technical problems.

Release Engineering and deployment tooling

Does your deployment process means a lot of clicking and typing ? It can take months to get team members up to speed ? I can help level up your team's skill at creating and maintaining smooth automations to get both dev and production environement up to speed quickly.

Help your Elixir codebase

I can evaluate your code base quality. At the end of this process, you will have a clear blueprint of what actions to take. Your team will know what to do to work on a nicer code base everyday. You will also have faster velocity and can expect your team to feel they contribute high quality code.

Move to Elixir

You have a project that would profit from Elixir strengths but your team is not 100% confident in their abilities in the language ? My experience organising and building team on the language can help. I can provide mentoring and training for your team, on an ongoing basis. They will get productive quickly and i can accompany them while they grow their knowledge to ensure that your project is high quality even in a new language.

Your specific need

The most well placed person to know your needs are yourself. Maybe you think i could bring something else to your team or have particular needs.

For a few hours or a few months, I'd love to learn about what you are doing, ask useful questions, dig in and help your team become a great learning system. Let's talk. (You can email me at depierre.thomas@gmail.com)