About Thomas

I am Thomas Depierre, a software developer and SRE. If you think i could help you, hit me up . I am always happy to exchange on the way i could help your projects.I can lead your teams or projects as well as just come to teach some best practice to your teams around my main skills, especially for teams new to the Elixir language.

I have a particular love for the Elixir language, and functional languages in general. I am also really interested in what keep our complex software beating and running, and consequently spend a lot of time writing code for the infrastructure that runs software.

You can find me in multiple place over the Internet and you will find all the contact you may need in the footer of this website. I am open to any professional inquiries via email.

I studied software engineering at multiple engineering schools in France and worked for multiple companies. I am specialized in complex and distributed systems. I am particularly good at "cleaning" existing products. If your software became a tangled mess over time, and you are not too sure how to make it works as you would like, you are right my alley.

This site is my personal writing. All the grammar mistakes are mine.