Famous Incidents Reading List

14 May 2019 - Thomas Depierre

This is a list of famous incidents i learned from. It also has various other sources i use to learn about them. There are also a lot of thing on how to learn from them.

As much as possible i will link to a direct legal download or link of the document. If a link is broken or you find a legal free access to one that does not have a source, you can tell me at my email

Last Updated : 13/05/2019

General thinking about incidents

This github repo hold a lot of links. Of these you can have a look at:

Software small incidents

I advise to follow sreweekly by Lex Neva for a weekly newsletter of various incidents and analysis and outage.


  • Producting Power, Sonja D. Schmid


Air Ontario

Ariane V maiden flight

Gimli Glider

No good source yet

Three Miles Island

No good source yet

Knight Capital Incident

The Damascus Incident

Friendly Fire in northern Iraq

  • Friendly Fire: The Accidental Shootdown of U.S. Black Hawks over Northern Iraq, Scott A. Snook

Patriot Missile Failure in Dahran