Thomas Depierre

Software Engineer and SRE

(+33) 6 30 34 63 47
160 rue des Pendants, 39000, Lons Le Saunier, FR

Thomas is from France. He holds a bachelor in Science and Technologies, with a specialty in CS. He is working presently as a Senior SRE at Indeed, remotely from France, in the Incident Management team. There he works toward helping responders and the organisation cope better with the pace of incidents. He spent the years before helping teams run faster and focus on what matters, through product focus and use of Elixir. He has a keen interest in Cognitive Systems Engineering. His personal interests range from making OTP better to making the digital Infrastructure of our world work better for everyone, but talking about it would take a serious amount time and a reasonable amount of tea. He has a particular interest in building tooling and back-end technologies.

Work Experience


Senior SRE
April 2022 to present Part of the Incident Management team, to support responders to better cope with the pace of incidents.
  • Manage and automate access and lifecycle of PagerDuty accounts
  • Research source of stress and painpoint for responders
  • On-call as part of the SRE rotation, handling all global events
  • Developed a program of Business and User metrics monitoring to better inform the business of the state of the platform
  • Created, designed and managed a program and system to allow Customer Support to directly declare incident and page SRE for coordination. Also implemented and managed a process to review every use in order to find organisational blockers that necessitated the use of this exceptional procedure.

Senior Backend Elixir developer
May 2021 to March 2022 Working as part of the integration pods, a team that handle integrations with outside systems.
  • Created a new pipeline for media picture from Twilio
  • Lead mass update of OTP version over all microservices
  • Wrote multiple technical and architecture brief for new features
  • Expanded the event bus to handle commands


Senior Elixir developer
March 2019 to May 2021
  • Working remotely to help and support teams using Elixir professionally.
  • Help teams to organise and change their processes.
  • Regular development of DevOps tooling to smooth up team processes.
  • OpenSource work, both independently on library and as paid work by the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation


Ascential Maker Programmer and DevOps
May 2017 to February 2019 Ascential Makers are a new product oriented organisation in Ascential, aimed at creating new digital products in an agile way. Their goal is to produce organic growth for Ascential.
  • Developed multiple apps for wold-class events using React-Native (CannesLions, Money2020).
  • Developed the complete build and deployment pipeline for all Makers teams.
  • Researched and implemented monitoring and logging tools for all Makers teams
  • Organised and supported 3 teams (14 developers) to move TheWork from prototype to release (
  • Lead architectural refactoring of TheWork for enhance maintainability and better performance.
  • Tech lead working closely with Product Owner and stakeholders to bring TheWork to market and scale its user base

PSA Group

Infrastructure Architect and Developer
December 2016 to April 2017 PSA group's IT department work on handling all the IT for a world scale car manufacturer. It needs to deal with all the internal IT tools needed to keep a complex worldwide set of manufacturing facilities working, but also all the sales department. It also handle all the websites of the group and the needs for data analysis inherent to a complex, worldwide corporation
  • Improved tooling for Incident resolution through data tools (ELK, ...)
  • Pioneered, designed and championed a new logging, metric storage, monitoring and alerting infrastructure.
  • Help understand and modify internal culture and tooling toward DevOps and agility

Electrical engineering

Electrical Technician
April 2014 to August 2015 Technician in charge of multiple new and legacy project for a few french EE company like Schneider Electric and Techpower Electronics
  • Translated legacy Bill of Materials to recent providers and components
  • Adapted old datasheet and process to recent workflow
  • Full embedded project, both Hardware and Software.
  • Developed the full firmware powering the router and every part.
  • Multiple parts and interface, from Zigbee to NFC antenna.



Erlang Virtual Machine and standard distribution
  • Implement a new Float to String pretty printer for the stdlibrary based on the Ryu algorithm
  • Extend float_to_list and float_to_binary BIF with a new printer based on the Ryu algorithm in C
  • Multiple cleanup of build system, tests and documentation
  • Work on trying to bring OTP build system to Meson


Reference Erlang HLL Implementation
  • Complete erlang implementation of HyperLogLog
  • Only HLL implementation in any language that properly merge two HLL of separate precision

Elixir Community Slack

to Present Moderating a multi thousand Slack community around the Elixir language


DevOps Ten Years After: Review of a Failure with John Allspaw and Paul Hammond

SREcon 2021 Keynote
Abstract Ten years after a talk that started the DevOps movement, we are bringing John Allspaw and Paul Hammond for a discussion with old men yelling at clouds.

Ceci N'est Pas un CPU Load

SREcon 2021
Abstract Presenting how moving from analogic electronics to programmable one create an unbreakable line of representation, making any troubleshotting an exploration more than a fixed process

Here be Floating Dragons: A Tale of Making OTP Faster

Code BEAM V Europe
Abstract Explaining how i made the float-to-string implementation in the BEAM 10x faster with the funding of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation using the Ryu algorithm

The number of orchestration technologies is too damn high!

Code Mesh V
Abstract Panel discussion around service orchestration technologies

Do not do this at home: How we built a distributed datastore in Elixir

Elixirconf 2020
Abstract Presenting how a distributed datastore was implemented in Elixir for Haruspex thanks to following product constraints.

Elixir London Meetup Talks

Elixir London Meetup
2017-2018 Video of the talks Slides of the talks Multiple talks on safety, software architecture and programming in Elixir, and monitoring Elixir

Programming with Abstract Data Type

Paper We Love remote chapter
March 2017 Programming with Abstract Data Types Presenting the foundational paper by B. Liskov and S. Zilles introducing the idea of Abstract Data Type (1974).



Bachelor in Science and Technologies
October 2015 to March 2017



  • Elixir
  • Erlang
  • Ecto
  • Phoenix
  • OTP


  • C
  • Rust


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • TailwindCSS


  • AWS
  • Ansible
  • Nix and Nixos
  • CI/CD


  • PostgreSQL
  • Kafka
  • NoSQL


  • Agile
  • Human Factors
  • Systems Analysis
  • Cognitive Systems Engineering








System Thinking

Resilience Engineering

Empirical Software Engineering